Our Story

La Sartoria was born twenty years ago with behind it already years of experience acquired through a leading brand of famous wedding gown. Starting a, located in Monza,over the years it has became a 300 square meters fashion atelier, located in Lissone, where a team produces about 450 gown per year.

La Sartoria is very careful in following new trends, also in terms of technology, and has included in its internal organization new tools that allow organized and automated management of orders and contracts: B2B systems, the KanBan method of organization of production and the introduction of an ERP system to plan all business areas. All of these tools make it possible to offer clients a professional service and help improve both the quality and to optimize the production cycle.

La Sartoria, a synonym of skilful tailoring tradition, is all Made in Italy and focused on innovation while maintaining a strong attachment to the craftsmanship of our staff.

About Us

Alessandra Sabbadini is the founder of La Sartoria and its leading light. After attending courses as a pattern maker, she worked for a leading fashion design studio, where she strengthened her experience in the manufacturing and development of patterns for couture and bridal gowns. This has allowed her to sharpen her tailoring techniques and increase her knowledge of fabrics used in the production of wedding dresses and evening wear.
Today she is a reference point for designers and stylists. She personally oversees each phase of manufacturing of dresses: from the development of the patterns to the cutting and finally the actual production for fashion shows.


Our mission is to offer the designer of our professional skills and profound knowledge of techniques and materials so as to produce finely tailored clothes.