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After all, an artwork isn’t made by ideas, but by hands.

~ Picasso ~

Collection Samples

Creating sample dresses and gowns for collections/fashion shows.

Starting from the sketch of the designer or the stylist, we create the dress following clients’ demands and expectations. In this phase it is crucially important to establish a relationship with our clients so that the product lives up to their expectations.

In size dresses

In regular or customized

We create custom-made dresses or clothes regular sizes. We also produce customized dresses for distribution.


Creating patterns in all sizes with CAD system

To create the patterns we use the CAD system, which allows us to provide the pattern in both paper and electronic form.

Support Services

Creative support for new collections.

In order to create new samples, we put forth to stylists or designers our 20-year experience in the manufacturing of wedding gowns and high fashion dresses. We are highly skilled to choose the best and the most suitable fabrics for our clients’ needs so as to create the perfect gown

Laser Cut

Collaborating with our partner we use the laser cut system for our fabrics so as to create geometries and unique designs that other techniques would not allow to provide.